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Our Services to the Industries                                                                                               

Marine Warranty, Loadout & Towage Approval
We have the capability to independently verify the viability and safety of a wide range of marine vessels and operations. A typical operation commences with the review of operational documents and analysis, followed by the assessment of proposed vessels' suitability for use. Outstanding issues raised are closed out prior to our attendance for approval during the loadout operations. Further visits during the sailaway preparation to witness compliance to approved procedures will help to ensure the safe delivery of the critical cargo to its final destination.

Module Heavy Lift, RoRo & Transportation Supervision
With the accumulated experience and exposure in warranty work, operators have began to call upon AMC to assist them in the various loading or discharge operations of project modules or equipment. We interact closely with all parties on the field to ensure a smooth execution of operation as per the Client's approved plans which are best suited for the ground condition and delivery schedule.

Pipeline, Ship and Shore Tank Calibration Services
AMC is adequately equipped and has undertaken projects to calibrate newly built tanks in an entire tank farm on behalf of major contractors or oil majors. Our methods used are traceable to approved API, IP or ISO measurement standards which cover the calibration of vertical, horizontal and spherical storage tanks including road tankers and barge tanks. We are also involved in the production of ship's capacity tables ranging from small tug boats to product tankers at locations across Asia for submission to relevant authorities.

P & I Loss Prevention and Investigation Work
We provide third parties intervention to limit underwriter's liability as a result of a vessel's collision, fire, contact with fixed or floating objects or equipment failure. Additionally, assessments of damage on various types of cargo incurred during loading and unloading operations or sea transit are also done. Full conditional surveys of various kinds of vessels are performed separately to assess their value or identify risk prior to the extention of full cover.

Hull & Machinery Damage Surveys
AMC are often engaged to assess damage on hull, machinery, equipment and permanent fittings on vessels at the request of Owners, underwriters or other interested parties. The survey involves the establishment of the nature, extent and cause of damage, followed by recommendation of repairs, subsequent supervision of ongoing warranty repairs and the final endorsement of repair bills.

Pre-Purchase Condition and Valuation Surveys
We are ready to be activated at short notice to conduct a thorough conditional survey of any vessel on behalf of prospective buyers in order to provide a first hand picture and a comprehensive report to assist in the decision making process involved in the purchase of an asset. An opinion of the estimated market value of the asset is also included at the end of our report.

OCIMF OVID & IMCA eCMID Offshore Vessel Audits

Our surveyors have the necessary acreditation and capability to undertake inspections at short notice of various offshore vessels for oil majors, contractors and other parties.

Naval Architecture and Engineering Solutions

AMC provides engineering solutions as follows:-

  • Lightship and Inclining Experiment for Class Approval.
  • Vessels Intact & Damage Stability Analysis. Tug Bollard Pull Requirement etc
  • Freeboard & Tonnage Calculation. Deck & Longitudinal Strength Calculation
  • Lifting, Loadout, Transportation and Mooring Analysis.
  • Other Engineering Design & Drafting as required.
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